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Artist Statement



For a long time I have been immersed in a vast work concerning the landscape of my inner deep sea, traces and transformation, reflecting this process in different ways.

Using my voice as an instrument I navigate through my inner worlds and its creatures, working with sculpture, drawing and sound.

The improvised sound is so close to the inner monsters, they scrape against each other but are, at the same time, expressions of the same sealed-up beings.

Feelers are reached out, contact is sought from afar, signals are sent and received somewhere.
As to remind of the constant change of all things.


And questions awake.

How do the deep-sea animals respond to the inner sounds?
How is their longings reflected inside of us?


As the embodied voice moves just between the different realms, I continue and investigate different aspects of transformation, change in itself.

I want to give form to transformation, the metamorphosis in itself: how different windows of reality lie in layers and can shift in an instant, by a thought, a sound, a contact, – how the unshakeable suddenly starts to breathe, and changes.

Where is the space between these worlds, the dividing line, the membrane?
What happens when we move inside the thin film itself?

Why is it so vitally critical?