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Curriculum Vitae

Recent and ongoing projects


Collaboration with the Japanese animator Kaoru Furuko We have worked on installations with her kaleidoscope light animations together with my sound work and deep sea sculptures in glass, exhibited at Tomteboda Postcentral in June 2017.

In September 2017 our work was represented at the International Biennale of Glass in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The summer of 2017 I finished an art project that I started in 2014, at the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm. The art project was within a preparatorial research program; a long process concerning sound sculpture and transformation. I examined the sculptural form of the inner sounds and thoughts using glass and sound as mediums. With my voice as an instrument I navigated through these inner worlds searching for traces and threads of forgotten, hidden life forms and their dreams.
Starting from the sound sculptures and the inner voice, I then developed my project into investigation of different aspects of transformation, of change in itself.

As part of the project Soundscapes my piece Voices was performed at Audiorama, Stockholm 2016.


Since 2009 I have collaborated with the French artist Claire Roudenko-Bertin, see and the international experimental artist group, LMDP; L´Autre Moitié Du Palais, in different projects; “de l’échange comme forme d’art”, ”LMDPoème Électromagnétique”, ”L´autre Moitiér du Paradise”, “Passage dans la Barrière” to mention a few, both in France and Sweden.
Recently we made an art project in collaboration with the Museum of Lesjöfors which ended up in an exhibition at the museum in August 2017.

Another project with LMDP is concerning the Swedish painter Ivan Aguelí. In November 2017 we made, after several meeting points with preparatorily studies, an exhibition where we gave our interpretations of Aguelís work and life. It was presented in ENSAPC GALERIE YGREC in Paris, France and followed by a sound-walk with my sound installation made to the occasion. 24th of May 2018 the project was shown in the Museum of Aguelí in Sala where I performed a sound piece live.


A recently started film project together with Roger Edberg and filmmaker and director Lasse Westman.
The plan is to make films about the famous Chinese artists Sha Menghai, Guan Hua, Xu Linlu, Cui Zifan and Zhu Qizhan. We will develope the film “Ur det gamla kommer det nya”, that was made in the 1980s for the Swedish Television, and extend it into five, one for each artist, including illustrations of the artists families and apprentices and how their artistic tradition keeps alive through young artists in today´s China.


Collaboration with the Spanish artist Juanma González in an artistic research project concerning walking as art.
The project was funded by Research funding by Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. An art project concerning the borderland between pilgrimage, walking in an inner landscape and the traces we make when marking out our psychological and physical spheres as travellers.


Recording music CD together with my brother and Danish musician and composer Mikkel Nordsø and the harpist Tine Rehling, where I do the voice and improvised sounds.


Voice improvisation to the film “The Temptation” by artist and filmmaker Monika Larsson shown at Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estland 2015 and A.I.R. Gallery in New York 2016.




Recent and current work

Inuti Art Studio, Artistic Leader, 2003-2018

In 2003 I began working part time as artistic leader, alongside with my own art practice, at Inuti Art Studio, see, with young people with intellectual disabilities and autism.
Their art works is mostly defined as Outsider Art. Outsider Art is a term coined by Professor Roger Cardinal in London in the 1970s. The interest for this type of art, especially that which is referred to as Outsider Art, Differentiated Art or Art Brut, is on the rise.

Inuti is part of a large network of studios throughout Europe, and we are often invited to participate in exhibitions and workshops. Just recently we had our first contact with a similar art studio in Beijing. Over the years we have held a wide variety of workshops in Scandinavia and throughout Europe. We are part of European Outsider Art Association (EOA), as well as a Nordic network and other national networks.

Inuti is also functioning as a source of inspiration helping other institutions to establish studios and as such we have for example made frequent visits to Finland to support and take stock of their exciting ITE art.
We have also worked in a long process of carefully developing our own unique pedagogical methods, which is inspiring and influencing the work of other institutions.

I believe that exhibiting the artworks is an essential part of our work, because we have an important role to play, influencing and to spurring diversity and counteract homogenization, and enriching the art scene.

Having a lot of contacts and collaborations with museums, galleries and other similar institutions and centers in Europe, USA and Japan, exchanging ideas, initiating various projects and staging exhibitions, we have a vast experience of producing and building exhibitions, creating art projects, giving and arranging workshops, seminars and travels.
We also have a profound knowledge of pedagogical methods, how to communicate wordlessly through art, the use of art as a mind opener etc.

This has given me a profound experience from an artistic as well as a human and professional point of view.


China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Artistic Leader, 2018-



Main Exhibitions

Walking Festival of Sound, Detroit Stockholm, 2019
Airings, China Cultural Center in Stockholm, november 2018
Passage dans la barrière, LMDP, Aguelímuseet, 24/5 2018, live sound performance
Passage dans la barrière, LMDP, ENSAPC GALERIE YGREC, Paris, France, November 2017
International Biennale of Glass 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria, 27/9-3/10-17,
Paradisets andra halva, LMDP, Lesjöfors museum, August 2017,
Tomteboda Postcentral, Projects, KKH, Stockholm, June 2017
Soundscapes, Audiorama, Stockholm, Dec. 2016
Another Nature, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, New York 11/2-13/5 2016, with sound to the video
Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estland, 31/5-31/8 2015, with sound to the video
Open Spaces, Spring Exhibitions, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, 2015
New Sound Made, Kägelbanan, Stockholm, 2015
Le Réconfort Moderne, LMDP (L´autre Moitié Du Palais), sound performance with the French artist Anne-Marie Cornu, Poitiers, France, 2014
Gallery Rosa Huset, Gävle, solo, 2013
Cabaret IZUS, Stockholm, 2013
LMPD, Supermarket, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2013
Galerie Sophie Lapalu, Paris, France, 2012
The Salon of Haninge, Stockholm, 2001, 2010
Kyrkskolan Gallery, Österhaninge, solo, 2000, 2007, 2009,
Nordens Ljus, Stockholm, solo, 2007
Galleria Tornabuoni, Florens, Italien, 2005
Gallery 5, Kulturhuset, “KKV – En var”, Stockholm, 2004
Panncentralen Gallery, Mariestad, solo, 2004
Spruthuset Gallery, Lindesberg, 2003
125 kvadrat Gallery, Stockholm, solo, 2003
Konstnärernas kollektivverkstad, KKV, Nacka, 2002
Galerie Alex Wiberg, Stockholm, solo, 2002
Gallery Hantverket, Stockholm, 2001
Fredrika Bremer, Årsta Castle, 2001


Art Studies

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, post graduate project program, 2014-17
Global stone workshop in alabaster stone, Volterra, Italy, 2007
Assistant for the sculptor Sam Westerholm, 2002-03
Assistant and apprentice for the sculptor Torsten Jurell, 1999-2000.
Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm, ceramics, 1995-1996
China Academy of Fine Arts, sculpture, Hangzhou, China, 1993-94
Holbæk Kunsthøjskole, sculpture and music, Denmark, 1992
Main Art courses and workshops at Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm, 2014-2017

Flat Glass Techniques
Cold Casting Glass
Printmaking/Intaglio photopolymér
Mold making/casting
Welding and Metal Processing
Mixing and Mastering audio and sound files in Soundstudio
Neuroplastique/Soundscapes – Experimental Sound with Stephen Schaum
Fresco and Secco Mural Techniques


Language Studies

BA in Chinese, Dept. for East Asian Languages, Stockholm University 1991-97
Classical Chinese and Chinese Literature, Peking University, China, 1997-98
Nordic Literature and Danish, Depart. for Nordic Languages, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1998-99



Moving Sculptural Objects, Harriet Aurell, Stockholm, 2008
Five Rythms Dance with Guy Barrington resp. Adam Barley, 2007-09
Metal Welding, Alan Bery, Frihamnen, Stockholm, 2005-2007
TCM, acupressure and tuina, China Academy of Traditional Medicine, Beijing, China 1997-98
Solo song teaching in Chinese folk song, Beijing, China, 1997-98.
Zhineng Qigong, doktor Su Dongyue, Svenska Qigonginstitutet, Stockholm, 1995-97
Solo voice teaching for song pedagogs, Stockholm, 1992-98.