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Artist Statement

Sound Sculpture and Deep Sea Creatures


Thin membranes between different realities and states; a situation might seem static, determinated and unchangeable, and then suddenly – a movement and everything is altered – the world opens up.

I want to give form to transformation, the metamorphosis in itself: how different windows of reality lie in layers and can shift in an instant, by a thought, a sound, a contact, – how the unshakeable suddenly starts to breathe, and changes.

Only a thin film separates an empty, solid structure, frightening in its indifference, from the shimmering little grain that suddenly embraces everything.

The contrast between light and bottomless darkness might seem abysmal as if there were no intermediate states, but when a transformation becomes possible, the abyss is reduced to a thin flickering membrane in which light and darkness can coexist and meet. The dividing line and, with it, the space where the transformation can take place expands, sometimes swiftly as a lightning and sometimes slowly, almost imperceptibly.

What happens when one moves in the very space between, on the dividing line, within the film?

Why is it so vitally critical?



I am immersed in a long process related to my own inner deep-sea monsters – subconcious creatures and demons – both in painting and sculpture but also sounds reflecting this process in different ways.

Another newly related track consists of sound sculptures: I have worked on sculpture and sound in parallell for many years, but when working on my monster project I felt a growing need to link these two ways of expression together. The improvised sound is so close to the inner monsters, they scrape against each other but are, at the same time, expressions of the same sealed-up beings.

What if, when a person lets out her innermost sound – the sound which has lied encapsulated and closely locked in so that it cannot be heard – and this sound is allowed to bounce against or just lightly touch the surrounding matter, then eventually a small trace is worn in, an imprint, the atoms will shift ever so little, transform and slowly yield place for the new.
If someone were to take a cast of this little hollowing, which form would it have – how does the inner sound look? What reponse do the inner voices create in the deep sea animals? Which traces do they leave?

I continue to work with these traces; traces of lost worlds, of long forgotten dreams, fossils of unknown organisms. Remains of dissolved sounds.